Listen to What? Part 2: Why Does it Matter?

My granddaughter and her uncle Marty
My granddaughter and her uncle Marty

Why does it matter? If there is a God, He or She or It seems fairly uninvolved and probably has other things to do than talk to me. Life in the big city has enough to keep me occupied. I might feel like a rat in a maze, but it’s a comfortable, climate-controlled maze and if I press the right buttons I get to eat, so what’s the point of being uber-spiritual?

I can relate to the maze-mind. But we aren’t rats. And once we learn a maze, it’s likely to change. We aren’t orphans either, running around in rags with dried oatmeal on our chins while the Person on charge sits at a desk playing on a smartphone. You and I are tots, hanging out in a pretty amazingly engineered house with a Parent who not only loves us but has tons of stuff to show us and wants to do stuff together. As adorable as babies are, most parents don’t dream of babies—they have dreams for their babies. Sometimes the dreams are a little off, because parents don’t know their children as well as the kids’ Creator does. Before we go further, I’m going to stop right here and say that if you don’t know your Creator and aren’t currently in a relationship with the One who really really wants to show you life you’ve never imagined before, please take this moment right now and say something like this to God (or this exactly if it’s easier):

God, I’m about to start taking some steps of faith. I haven’t thought much of You until now, either because I’ve been hurt or disillusioned, or because I just wasn’t that impressed with the ads. But right now, I’d like to start getting to know You as a person. I don’t want to be judged by my style or my age or other appearances, and I certainly don’t want to be judged by who I’m related to, so I’m choosing not to judge You by Your kids or appearances, but instead I will talk to You directly and explore Your work so I can see what You’re really like.

Lead me in this, please. I can already tell that You love me, because they say You poured Yourself into a body You knew we’d do horrible things to, just because You wanted us to hear You better for a little while and see that You have power to save us. Just because we had to see how we can get carried away until blood is on our hands. If You hadn’t taken the punishment for an entire twisted world full of selfishness, I wouldn’t have a chance to hear God for myself or talk to You without a priest and a sacrifice.

I can already think of a few times I’ve needed saving. The whole concept of Jesus dying for my sins and rising again seems a little out of the norm for me, but since it takes us humans millenia to discover the smallest scientific things, then it’s easy to believe that there might be some spiritual things that don’t yet make sense to me. I’m putting my trust in You and accepting what Jesus did. Help me learn how to hear You.

Moms and dads talk to their babies while they’re still in the womb, because they love to communicate with their kids and have those little feet kick back, and because it helps the babies to recognize the voices of their parents. To start getting used to what God’s voice sounds like, I highly recommend reading the gospel of John. Mark is excellent and so are all of them really, but John has a lot of red letters—a lot of Jesus actually talking, quoted by one of His best friends who lived and walked with him. You can read it here, and there’s even an app for that. There are lots of translations of the Bible. Most are pretty similar in their gist so don’t fret over that. As you begin to study what God has said that was written in the Bible, you might compare certain passages for clarity. If you have picked up a Bible before and it put you right to sleep or confused you, you’re going to have a different experience now. When you open the Bible, you’re going to say, “Hey God, please forgive me of any sins I’ve done, clear my mind of distractions and show me what You want me to understand and apply to this day.” God will do the rest. After all, He made your brain.


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