Listen to What?

You are Here

“Listen to your body.” Great advice right now for those of you beginning your New Year’s exercise routine, or like me, planning to make it more consistent. But unless you hear a loudPOP! — and I pray you don’t — you won’t hear your body talking with your ears. Even if your knees had tongues, you probably wouldn’t hear them over your workout jams.

We don’t often hear God audibly either, unless the situation demands a loud “STOP!” like a friend of mine heard which sent her foot to the brake and prevented a head-on with a mattress that came flying out of nowhere. Most times, though, when you hear someone talk about God speaking to them, they aren’t hearing voices. In a world with over 7,285,100,000 people, it only fits that quite a few have thought they were hearing God when they did things that were certainly not Godly.

Think about this: 1,971 years after the assumed birth of Christ, scientists discovered Place Cells, these tiny cells in the brain that say “You are Here” to your memory. 44 years later, we’ve discovered grid cells, head direction cells, theta cells and others that all cooperate to record space for us as we walk through a room. Someone much smarter than we are designed this stuff and we’re just now beginning to understand it. So, even though we feel all grown up, compared to our Designer, we are a little like toddlers learning to understand a full-grown parent. Make that a grandparent—someone who’s raised kids all the way and knows even more about cause and effect than a 20-something raising a kid.

It’s humbling and maybe a little uncomfortable to look at ourselves in that light, but if you give it a second, you’ll realize I’m not saying we’re stupid or incompetent. We’re just learning the language. We’re just stepping into new concepts that God already fully grasps. So it’s completely expected that we will misunderstand God sometimes. But it doesn’t mean God’s not talking, and it doesn’t mean we’re better off on our own, living out our days as toddlers.

SO Let’s Get to It. What are we listening for? What does God sound like? Why does it matter? I think I’ll break those down into separate entries, because if you’re like me, you’d rather take a small handful of deep thought and jingle it around in your pocket as you move through your day.


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