One Last Listen

Listen colored foil


The flick and tap of that Latin guitar

The roll of the rrrrs in my mouth

Born in the south but come to prime

In this town where strings bend but don’t whine

They just moan a bit but I only mind when they quit

The last weeks of December have a way of dimming the lights and pulling me into a cozy chair, not to sleep but to talk in a hushed voice and deep silences with God. Something about the colored lights in the window, something about both Jesus and me both celebrating birthdays, even though He’s the only one who knows the real date for His. Something about saying goodbye to a year that is always filled with some really great stuff, even if it also has its share of sorrow, like 2012 and 2013 were.

I hope you had a good time saying goodbye to 2014. We’ve begun a brand new 365, and it’s going to be filled with wonder, some let-downs, and some victories. Today, I’m giving one last listen to 2014.

Sounds I loved in 2014:

  1. Timbo Kelly’s gorgeous guitar and Garrett Heck’s harmony-inspiring a capella songs. Timbo’s sometimes ridiculous, sometimes sad stories kept me frozen in front of the stage for hours.
  2. The truly masterful musicians and really fun brothers of Brujoroots, who made my summer by letting me write, dance and go camping with them.
  3. The wild menagerie of styles and conversations at Four Aces’ Monday night acoustic showcase.
  4. My mom’s voice recordings of the Psalms. She wishes she had some of her mom’s voice, and I wish she’d just stick around forever, but I’m grateful we have iPhones.
  5. Notes in Spanish podcasts. I totally enjoy Ben and Marina. Their discussions are interesting and the way they are with each other makes me happy all day. And I’m learning some really weird Euro-Spanish idioms that get good laughs from my Latin American Spanish teacher, Rachel.
    1. Hundreds of stories of GOOD things that happened in people’s lives, instead of just negative news, thanks to K-LOVE.

In 2015, I’m sure I’ll be sharing music and lots of fun stuff with you. First off in the “Listen” theme is a series about listening and recognizing God’s voice. Keep coming back. The year should be full of variety.


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