Listen to Your Dreams

starry nights and eyes

God often has a place prepared for us where we are not willing to go. It is in this place where we can receive the most from God, and are challenged to learn the truth about what really lies within us. And as we identify with Him, we begin to discover who we really are. — JennRene Owens, Red Sea Situations

Do you have a dream? Does dreaming feel pointless, like you’ve missed all your chances? If you’re over 30, you might be hardened by giving up on a never-ending chase, or finally catching that vision but not experiencing the thrill you’d expected. If you’re over 50, you may have stuck your dreams into an sweet little scrapbook that you can’t open without feeling bitter.

Dream with me again…but first let’s combine the wisdom of our years with God’s birds-eye view (God’s-eye view? I like that!).

What dream is worth putting on skis and facing the wind with no guarantee of winning? For Mikaela Shiffrin, it’s a gold medal. Are you a medalist in the making? Then don’t settle, but remember to be present for the process—focus on your day-to-day strategy and don’t let delays derail you.

If you’re like me, skis are scary, so let’s look further. Talent can be a good starting point when we’re looking for a vision, but don’t just look at your superstar skills—look at the things that stir your heart, tug on your conscience or make you talk faster and more passionately. Look at the types of people God brings into your life, the situations He puts you in. ASK. Say, “Lord, what would You like me to do today?” Listen to that small hint that is quickly drowned out by incoming noise. Look for something that gets repeated by more than one person without your asking. And look for it to be bigger than you can do alone. In her book, JennRene talks about the God Box—that place where we sit with our walls around us and tell God we’d love for Him to be Lord of this box, but we really aren’t going outside.

Dream a little dream with me…I can hear God crooning like Dean Martin. There’s nobody I’d rather dream with than God. His dreams are the ones that bring satisfaction and really cool surprises. His dreams change the lives around me and change me into someone I like to be around. His dreams will carry me through all 100 years that I plan to be in this earthly body. And then I get to see Him face to face and I bet I’ll even be tall enough to reach His high five! Okay, so now I’m dreaming, but I’m not about to stop!

Want a really fun lift? Listen to this. Need to be honest with God about your fears? Listen to this.


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