Proverbs 29: Can’t Fly when I’m Flapping my Jaw

Art copyrighted by Joy Books,
Art copyrighted by Joy Books,

Proverbs 29:13 The poor man and the oppressor meet together; the Lord gives light to the eyes of both.

If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog, please do so. I’m going to keep this one short, to give you time because it was long but worth the read.

Proverbs 29: 1 He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing…9 If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet…11 A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back…20 Do you see a man who is hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him…22 A man of wrath stirs up strife, and one given to anger causes much transgression.

Ya think God’s trying to say something in Proverbs 29? We’ve all been there, maybe at work, visiting our in-laws, or at family counseling perhaps. We feel attacked because we thought we were doing things perfectly and someone corrects us. Are you the type to make a snappy come-back? An angry counter-attack? Or do you leave the presence of the person who’s correcting you and tell every person you meet about the whole vicious thing, going on about how you do everything right and are abused and misunderstood? I hate realizing I’ve flapped my jaw when I shouldn’t. It’s better to listen, glean the productive input from the rest, and prove ourselves capable of even greater things.
Lord, guard our tongues this week. Remind us that You are our defender and the One who brings us favor. With You in charge of our life paths, we don’t have to fear what others think of us, but we can certainly accept notes on how to go from super to stupendous.
Ha—made you grin! Now keep that; you’re cute when you smile 🙂


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