Proverbs 31: Painting the Sunset

Artwork copyrighted by Joy Books,
Artwork copyrighted by Joy Books,

This is one of my all-time favorite chapters of the Bible. We have already seen that the characteristics of the wise are applicable to both men and women. This chapter is no different, so don’t skip today, boys. 

 Before we look at it, I want to say something to the ladies:
Some women cringe at this chapter, as though it’s an impossible to-do list or the Christian man’s version of a Cosmo model, more competition for us ordinary chicks. 

 Please, of all the truths you can grasp as a follower of Christ, grasp this one: you are LOVED. You are ENOUGH. God knows we’re kids, and we’re learning to walk and chew gum at the same time. You are LOVED and you are ENOUGH. You are enough because Jesus gave all He was to carry you all the way. God, being perfect, doesn’t cut the truth in half to protect our insecurities. He shows us perfection, but not to point out our flaws, just to show us how cool it is. Today, if you’re tempted to abuse yourself for being imperfect, reject that temptation. Instead, be a painter who paints the sunset on a flat canvas with watercolors just because it’s so amazing she has to capture some of it. 

So what makes the Proverbs 31 person all that and a bag of flax? I love it so much, I’m just going to let you read it for yourself. Click here

Lord, touch us today with Your tender affection and show us how we can enjoy Your company and find ourselves changed for the better.

It’s old, but I love this song as much today as I did at 18.


2 thoughts on “Proverbs 31: Painting the Sunset

  1. EXCELLENT!!! Thank you, Kristi, for always encouraging us to look at ourselves through God’s eyes. He is an amazing Heavenly Father that never ever falls out of love with us. He just keeps on picking us up, brushing us off, and readying us to take our next step with Him. I love you Honey and God loves you too, more than you can even imagine!!! (((Hugs!)))


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