Win a Proverbs Print

Artwork copyrighted by Joy Books,
Artwork copyrighted by Joy Books,

March is over, but I encourage you to keep working on incorporating wisdom into your life until Godly thinking and behavior is your very nature. Just because you’ve read Proverbs once doesn’t mean you’re done. Pick it up again and again. Meanwhile, if you liked any of the artwork I posted by my mom Joy Books, here’s your chance to win a free print. Click on the title of your favorite blog from the month of Proverbs and do two things when it opens:

1. Comment with the date or description of the Joy Books Proverbs print you’d like to win, and

2. Share the blog link with your friends.

We’ll give away a print to each of the first 10 people.

Check out her stores for lots of other neat stuff:

Hand Written Calligraphy, Vintage Hymn and Art Prints:
Quilt and Embroidery Patterns and more Art Prints:
More Patterns
Mugs, T-shirts and fun stuff:

I’m going to slow down a bit as I prepare for a class I’m going to teach, but I’ll be around. See you soon!


One thought on “Win a Proverbs Print

  1. You’ve done a great job taking us through the Proverbs, Kristi! Have fun with your next class. We’re looking forward to your future blogs.


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