Memorial weekend moment

 Went to dinner and sat outside enjoying the long-overdue sunshine, talking about plans for class and life in general.  A homeless man asked for our leftovers, and my friend ordered him a couple of fish tacos. He’s seen hardworking people live in life-threatening poverty near his home in Africa, and he himself works as many hours as it takes to excel at his job and help others succeed. It’s hard for him to respect someone who hovers outside a nice restaurant instead of doing dishes to earn some food.  And I know you can’t give everyone everything they ask for, because sometimes that just keeps people helpless. But those tacos-to-go made me smile. I respect him for grabbing that moment and giving instead of judging, extending kindness  that the guy immediately shared with his friend. The moon shines a little brighter in downtown Des Moines tonight. 

God bless you all with wisdom and opportunity to share your blessings this Memorial Day weekend.

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