Your Money and Your Pen

Everybody loves a letter!
Everybody loves a letter!

John Michael, Deysi, Mathias. So, you are thinking about giving them a hand up (never just a hand-out), but how do you know it will help? And I know $38 a month is just a few hours of wages for you, but you handle your money wisely. If you’re going to commit a couple of hours at your job each month for a few years, you want your work to really make a difference, right? Write. Just one letter a month, double-spaced with a picture or bookmark, some Band-aids or stickers…A hello from someplace outside the ghetto, a scripture and some encouragement raise them out of the crab bucket where they are constantly pulled down…Your letters mean nearly as much as the food, medicine and education you’re providing.

Today, I’m posting one part of a terrific interview that is on YouTube in sections. It’s a chance to hear a panel of awesome adults talk about their own experiences as sponsored children. If you have time, listen to all the segments.

Click here and God bless you!


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