Steadying the Soul

Jennifer Owens, author of Soul Silence: A Self-Care Course for Steadying the Soul, with husband Tim
Jennifer Owens, author of Soul Silence: A Self-Care Course for Steadying the Soul, with husband Tim

Ah, autumn. Falling leaves and racing moms. Your nights and weekends are devoted to sports, homework, and other activities. You’d seriously consider voting for a congress rep who’d give your middle-schooler a driver’s license, so you could take a hot bath and work on your own goals. After fall comes winter. For me, winter is hibernation season. My energy lags and I find myself curled up on the couch watching that awful screen, until February comes and my husband (who knows me very well) says, “Hon, get out there and do something or you’ll be miserable.”

In my search for a balanced life, I have adopted some fairly good self-care techniques. My friend, Jennifer Owens, author of Red Sea Courage, has gone much further than that. With a master’s degree and many years’ experience in social work, Jennifer has developed a course that will walk you through understanding self-care and why it’s important. She shows you how self-neglect leads to selfishness, but developing a self-law keeps you fresh and able to fully pour yourself into the important things. The course is designed to last a month, but it’s fully self-directed, so once you buy it, you can take your time and revisit sections even after they are complete. Included in the course are videos, SoundCloud recordings you can listen to in the car or on a walk, worksheets and lots of great guidance that Jennifer has used in her work and in her life.

September begins monsoon season in the Philippines, which can be pretty devastating if you already live at the bottom of the economic pond like John Michael. In Bolivia, summer is beginning, bringing the night-time temperature up to around 32-34F. Seriously—summer? I imagine Deysi could use some wise teaching on self-care, in a country where an 11-year-old girl is particularly vulnerable to violence, abduction and often corrupt law enforcement. In Togo, Mathias has lovely tropical weather, but he could certainly use someone in his life who is guided by balance and understands self-management. He lives in a culture scarred by violence and vengeance.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

The first three people who sponsor the children I’m posting about on this month’s blog can get Jennifer’s course, “Soul Silence: A Self Care Course for Steadying the Soul,” for $30. As I said, the course comes with video, audio, in-depth study and lots of thought-provoking worksheets and other extras. I’ll be posting a total of six children, including the three you’ve already met, and they need to find sponsors within the next few weeks. Just respond to me on this blog, on my Facebook, or by emailing, and I’ll get your child’s packet to you and get Jennifer to give you your discount.

Hear Jennifer talk about her course here, and take a look at the course here:


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