Photo copyrighted by Kristi Bridges
Photo copyrighted by Kristi Bridges

An introspective mind can easily pinpoint where things started going wrong, but we can’t always remember where they started going right. I don’t believe this is pessimism—I believe that in each day and each month and year, enough goes right that the going is a gradual, natural thing. The result is something to be appreciated. Like this picture. I ended a crazy busy day and thought of crashing early at home. Instead, I drove across town and sat in the breeze, listening to music and barely talking to one of those great friends who allows space for silence. As the setting sun drew golden lines around the shiny edge of her skin and the feathered surface of the river, I took this picture with my KitCam app. It was my first time using the app, though I’ve had it on my phone for at least 6 months. I must have hit the Multi-expose icon by mistake, and my beautiful sunset turned into a doubleshot of horizons at odds with each other. I like it.

There’s so much that can go right. Right?

Genesis 1:17NIV God set them in the vault of the sky to give light to the earth, 18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good.

Since you’re here, you must be my friend. Can I share something with you that isn’t perfect? Oh wait—I already did, so I’ll do it again. Click here for a link to “Backyard Song”—a recording I made in practice with my friend and awesome pianist Rachel Pisors. The heart needs to be heard even before it’s perfect, so I’m not waiting for a someday studio recording to let you hear it.

This month, I’m participating in Compassion International’s “Release 3” project, praying that the three children whose information I have on my desk today will connect with three of you. John Michael, Mathias and Deysi need a few years of your time and $38 per month, to turn their wrong / right doubleshot into something beautiful. In case you wonder, I will never take your money or your credit info. I will send you to the Compassion site and providing you with sign-up information. I get nothing but the joy of knowing that I helped a few more children by spreading the word.

Please let me know if you’d like to sponsor one of these children, and I’ll send you the information. Don’t forget that you can also get a discount on the Soul Silence course by Jennifer Owens. The details are on my “Steadying the Soul” post.

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