Eeky Fables and Funny Folktales


For years, I wondered how movie theatres stayed in business. With video stores and streaming flicks, the idea of spending two hours in an uncomfortable seat with no brownies in the oven and no pause button seemed like date-abuse. No pause button? Pfth!!

Then my brother took me to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

In 3-D.

At AMC, where they have giant red recliners that offer more stretch room than my couch, more contentment than my dad’s old easy chair, and more cozitude than piles of pillows on my floor. AMC 3-D is to awesome what Ironman is to Mall Cop. There’s even an app called RunPee, that tells you the best times to leave your seat since movies don’t have pause buttons.

Sundays are great matinee days. There’s still a little weekend left, and the matinee gets you home in time to prep for Monday. The human race loves a good story. It differentiates us from my cats, who ignore the TV completely and refuse to respond when I’m on Facetime, talking directly to them. The children who are seeking sponsorship this month like stories, too. Check out these links:

Niños Manuelitos: A Christmas Story in the Upper Amazon Rainforest – The Bolivian music that plays while you read makes the soothing story even better.

Ethiopian Fables – Eek-inspiring shorts from an Ethiopian children’s book called, Why Sleep? Thank you, Mom, for NOT reading me these bedtime stories!

Filipino Folktales – Explanations for “Why Dogs Wag Their Tails” and other silly stuff.

I like the way Disney insists on happy endings, and I’ve come to respect the way they encourage creativity and top-quality workmanship. This month, you could bring these things to 6 children on my desk who need sponsors. I am participating in Compassion International’s “Release 3” project, and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to watch a sponsored child’s life unfold. John Michael, Mathias, Deysi, Bryan, Erich and Mitiku need your friendship and $38 per month, so they can get food, medicine and education and leave extreme poverty behind. Let me know which child you’d like to sponsor, and I’ll send you the information. Share this with your friends, too.

In case you wonder, I will never take your money or your credit info. I will send you to the Compassion site and provide you with sign-up information for these children. I get nothing but the joy of knowing that I helped a few more children by spreading the word.

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