Mr. October – Part 1

“I got it!” Devonte hooked the ball and swept it up into a slam dunk.

Eric raised his hands in a W for What?! and popped his chest forward. “Punk!” he said and tried to steal the ball, but Devonte had owned the court since he outgrew him in 10th grade.

“I got it, man,” Devonte repeated.

“Not for long!” Eric said determinedly.

“No, I said I got it.” Devonte held the ball and stood still. “I got the OU scholarship.”

“You got—“ Eric looked to see if he’d understood and Devonte nodded. “You got it! You’re on the way, brah!”

“Yeah, I guess I am.” Scholarship boy pushed bottom lip against top in an “I got this,” chin grin.

Check back tomorrow for more 🙂

I am participating in Compassion International’s “Release 3” project, and I am praying that the 6 5! children whose packets I have on my desk today will be sponsored by someone who reads my blogs this month. Today is the last day for John Michael and Mathias. Deysi got a sponsor—woohoo! These boys need your friendship and $38 per month, to make it out of  extreme poverty and into adulthood with skills and opportunities instead of wishes and hopelessness. Let me know which child you’d like to sponsor, and I’ll send you the information. Share this with your friends, too.

In case you wonder, I will never take your money or your credit info. I will send you to the Compassion site and provide you with sign-up information for these children. I get nothing but the joy of knowing that I helped a few more children by spreading the word.

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