Mr. October – Part 6

photo by Kristi Bridges
photo by Kristi Bridges

“You got my boy looking good!” Moms squeezed Eric’s arm and he rolled his eyes but flexed.

“It’s that boot camp workout we’ve been doing.” Dashi kissed her mother-in-law. “I want us to do the Warrior Dash this year.” Dashi was always reaching for a tougher goal and dragging him with her. But she was hot when she was happy.

“Dinner’s almost ready. You got some mail on the table,” Moms said, turning into the kitchen to stop the oven timer from beeping. Dashi followed her, and Eric picked up the mail. Who’s still sending my mail to Moms? A shiny, folded red card had his name on it. It looked like something that would come with a winning key inside for a brand new BMW—as if. Nothing else had his name on it. He picked up the ad and headed for the trash. His eyes caught the words “Reopen our Fire House!” Hmm.

“Your mother’s been telling me about your friend from middle school. She said you boys wanted to be firemen.”

“You ever hear from Devonte any more? You should call him. I still got his mom’s number.”

Women. Eric folded the card and stuck it in his back pocket.

A note from me to you:

Jalie and Rowan lost everything, and in their grief they went after the city. We do this with God, when people fail or harm us. It’s perfectly normal to get a wife and job and leave behind the dreams you had in 8th grade. Nobody blames a person for that. But if everyone does that, and nobody mans the fire department, then people deal with unnecessary loss and grief. From what good thing are you holding yourself back?

I am participating in Compassion International’s “Release 3” project, and I am praying that the 3 children whose packets I have on my desk today will be sponsored by someone who reads my blogs this month. BryanMitiku and little Miss Erich need your friendship and $38 per month, to make it out of extreme, tummy-growling poverty and into adulthood with skills and opportunities instead of wishes. Let me know which child you’d like to sponsor, and I’ll send you the information. Share this with your friends, too.

In case you wonder, I will never take your money or your credit info. I will send you to the Compassion site and provide you with sign-up information for these children. I get nothing but the joy of knowing that I helped a few more children by spreading the word.

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