Thank you!

Bookmarks by Joy Books, available at
Bookmarks by Joy Books, available at

Thank you!

Thank you for making this a very enjoyable month, by liking and following and sharing these blogs. I’ve enjoyed meeting you and reading your work. I’m not going anywhere—I’ll still be popping in periodically. But blogging every single day is quite the task.

I did it for love. Compassion International invited me to participate in the Release 3 project, asking me only to carry a few pictures to my church, talk about their work and pray. They do SO MUCH for so many people that I couldn’t leave it at that, so I went to my church but also reached out to you guys with a month of sharing. Tomorrow, 10/2, is the final day for me to help Erich, Mitiku and Bryan find sponsors. If you have been waiting for any reason to commit to these children, please reach out to me today by commenting on this page, finding me on Facebook or emailing  If you have any question that I haven’t answered, or any hesitation just because you’re human, I’d love to talk to you about it.

Again, thank you for making this month a pleasure. Each morning, I have awakened with excitement over being part of your lives. I look forward to sharing other things in the future. Meanwhile, check out my mom’s artwork here. Perhaps you sponsor a Compassion child and would like to send a gift for your child’s mom and dad. My mom can do calligraphy and photography art with Bible verses in almost any language that uses the Western alphabet (abc…).


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