Finishing Strong

2015 Finishing Strong Workshop presented by Denise Kelly
2015 Finishing Strong Workshop presented by Denise Kelly

We’ve entered the third quarter of 2015. Do you remember waaaaaay back when, calculating how ooooooold you’d be in the year 2000? I was going to be 28–that was ancient back then! Now we’re a decade and a half into the 21st century. I really like this century, for myself and the world in general. Creativity and education are right at our fingertips. Music, science and initiatives to help the underprivileged abound with the best influences of the past and the freshness of the present. Cultures are collaborating more as companies expand around the world and the internet ties us together. Sure, there’s always a dark side (it’s campaign season again), but I feel pretty good.

How are you doing on your 2015 goals? Are you living in wisdom? We spent time in Proverbs this March. Check it out if you need a refresher. I ask about your goals because I care, and because we have no more perfect time than today to get ahead of the rush. The end of the year brings more work for many, more sports for some, and more get-togethers for most. Before more becomes too much, take time to realign with who you want to be. First, let’s pray.

Lord, thank You for loving us and always working in us to accomplish really neat things. Please forgive us for any neglect or sin that is in our lives. Cleanse us and focus us on Your desires. Motivate us, but don’t let us wait for a fire to get moving. Teach us to be diligent when we feel like despairing and always ready for the connections and opportunities You bring us. Thanks, Lord! We love you!

Below is a list based on my own 2015 goals:

1. Become a corporate trainer – Done, and it is the most fun I have ever been paid for!

2. Speak at conferences – Joined Toastmasters to hone skills and keep meeting successful speakers. Discovered that it’s a wonderful place to be mentored and a fun place to experiment with proven techniques without fear of failure. Click here to see a silly speech I did. You’d be amazed at how many successful people have been Toastmasters. Check out this list.

3. Write a book – Just finished a photo book which will be released this month on Blurb and working on a “normal” book.

4. Start a blog – Done! So glad you’re here!

5. Practice guitar – err…hmm…

6. Eat healthier – Still trying.

7. Exercise – Need consistency.

8. Invest – Working on that right now.

9. Become fluent in Spanish – Need more practice.

Write down your own list, and be honest with yourself but not hateful. Like me, you’ll see that some things took priority and others might have been neglected. Were the neglected things less important? Did the real priorities take off and soar? Do you think it’s time to drop a few things from your list, or are you seeing some areas where you truly need to reprioritize, in order to get balance in your life?

I am grateful to have a terrific ability to focus on something—if I can start it and go, go, GO until it’s finished. I can stay up all night and day to see a project completed, but I’m not as good at things that require consistent practice. Guitar, Spanish, and a body that keeps up with my lives can’t be attained by working 14 hour days and drinking lots of coffee. Argh. I miss my guitar, and I will pick her up again before the year is out. Spanish may have to wait until next year. But I bet you and I have one goal in common. I’ll get exercise 3 times each week through October, November and December. You do it, too, okay? Let’s make at least one of those a prayer walk. God can show us what He thinks is so great about winter, and we can enjoy His company with no distractions.

If you need help setting or attaining your goals—or just making them more realistic and doable—check out my friend Denise Kelly’s coaching service. This lady is a powerhouse! Her new book, Steps Toward Success, was nominated by Jabez Books to be part of the Reader’s Choice Awards at the Book and Business Expo in Dallas October 17. Denise believes in stating your goals in past tense, completely visualizing the goal as accomplished, such as “I am an award-winning writer…I have regular speaking engagements…” I think that’s a great idea, so here’s a song that will have you bobbing your head while you goal-get-it!


3 thoughts on “Finishing Strong

  1. So cool to hear (re-hear) your goals 🙂 SO FUNNY how we see this millennium (decade and a half) completely oppositely. Rachel E. Pisors


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