You Can’t See Me

What did the dentist say to the princess with no teeth? My dear, you need a crown.
What did the dentist say to the princess with no teeth? My dear, you need a crown.

“We were told to be invisible, and that is hard for a 4 year old to do.” Brinda’s father and most of the working men—but certainly not all of the men—were out of the country because there was no work to be had at home. Her mother and grandmother told her, “Don’t be too pretty, too ugly, too unusual, too noticeable.” Every day, her mother painted a Bindi dot on her forehead to protect her from the evil eye and told her to avoid eye contact with others.

Today is October 31, and in America, thousands of people are working hard to be noticed. They wear costumes and paint their faces and hair. People put effort into making themselves beautiful or ridiculously ugly, and they win prizes for being unusual. I’ll never forget Halloween of 1999 when our IT team came to work in bug costumes, and their boss dressed as a can of Raid® bug spray. This whole month, my granddaughters and grandson have been playing with costumes and masks, not trying to hide but expressing themselves in fun. The traditions that centuries ago began this costume day were steeped in fear. People wore masks and dressed differently back then to avoid being recognized by evil, but today our family knows Jesus, who lived fearlessly and showed us God’s love and power.

Yesterday, when our grandkids wore their costumes to school, Brinda taught her own class in India. That 4 year old became a sponsored child through Compassion International and learned to hold her head up and be everything she could be—beautiful and smart and wonderfully unique. Now, she is working to educate others, because they need to know their loving Savior and they need the power that comes with learning. South and West Asia currently holds 51% of the global illiterate population, and 10 million children of primary school ages are not going to school there, but Brinda and other Compassion workers are doing their part to change that. You can walk through her story and the stories of others at the Compassion Experience.

Did you know that Compassion International has a textbook fund? It is wonderful to sponsor a child, but if you can’t make a regular commitment, or if you’d like to add a donation to your Christmas gift list, go to this link.

Lord, guide us in each aspect of our lives, with the celebrations we choose, the characters we emulate and the work we do. Use us to make the world aware of You, because You really are wonderful.

jade in owl mask 10-2015


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