Yes, Please! With Sprinkles


Click here for the link to my Blurb shop. Tonight is nearly over, but Blurb is offering 50% off with the code GEM50 tonight, 11/17/2015.

Oklahoma is sprinkled with truly lovely places to hike. And the hiking spots have sprinkles, too. For my brother’s birthday this year, I wrote a little coffee-table book, celebrating our shared fascination with fungi, moss and all the interesting ornaments God hangs on the rocks and trees. It’s not just for Larry Fabulous–you’ll enjoy it as well. You can order a beautiful 7×7 hard copy or an eBook or PDF on Blurb. If you contact me directly, I’ll email you a slide show file for $5 USD. I like to work on one monitor while the other one feeds my hiking daydreams 🙂

25% of profits go to support the Mary Oxley Conservation Center and the Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Tulsa, OK. AND…if you know a publisher who might be interested in marketing more than just print-on-demand copies, please let me know.




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