Mamasita, Mamasita!

My birthday cards are always late

But I know you like to make a good time last

You text “I love you” and have to wait

An hour or more, while my snoozes pass

Snooze, just one more snooze

I love waking to you and your sweet mama notes

So because I know how good that feels

(and because your card is with me still)

Today, you get your very own post

I love you, Mom!

Today is cause for celebration. Today, my motivator, educator, inspirator, life coach and guinea pig was born. Okay, so she’s not actually a guinea pig—that would have been awkward at my slumber parties. Due to a necessary difference in our ages, she is a few miles ahead of me on this road. At times, that’s no fun for her, but I am grateful for Mom’s candor in preparing me for the bumps and turns.

She makes me laugh. She energizes me. She trusts me with the tough stuff when she’s had enough. She lifts my faith with the victories and wisdom of a woman who has survived much and still has a smile to beat the sunshine. Having grown up with her, I know full well that if we saw our lives ahead of time, we’d grip the covers and hide, but if we trust and walk we find we are more than conquerors.

Mama, I couldn’t ask for more in a mother and friend. I’m so grateful. God bless you this new year so you can continue blessing the world. Give a hug to that man o’ yours, too!


She inspires me, and she’ll inspire you too. She’s creative enough for 6 people. Check out her stores:

Hymns and calligraphy

Quilt and embroidery patterns

Photo verses, cards and bookmarks


4 thoughts on “Mamasita, Mamasita!

  1. Oh my precious precious Kristi! You blow me away!!
    You are such a blessing to me. It is a gift and a privilege from our loving Heavenly Father to get to be your mom. You have blessed me for years with your beautiful smile, your lovely laugh and your cheery wisdom!
    May God bless you today and on my birthday and on yours – the day you made me a mom.
    And by the way, thank you for choosing to remember all the beautiful stuff!!! You’re quite a lady!
    I love YOU!!! XOXOXO


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