Bubbles to be Thankful For


jenn sunset keep in perfect peace.pngI’m sharing my thanks early, in the hope that you are not sitting on your computer but are instead connecting with family or friends, or making strangers into new friends. Find some face time, unless you are in a space shuttle with only a robot for company. If nobody has invited you out for dinner, don’t give in to the urge to hole up in your room and eat an entire pecan pie while watching TV. No quantity of Dr. Who episodes will make you feel as good as you’ll feel giving companionship to people who have nobody. If you’d like to watch the Doctor later,  I’ll bring pie 😉

I am thankful for two big things that work like oxygen bubbles to surround our lives and lift us toward the surface and the sun.

Love: My husband works at a department store, so he’ll be pulling some crazy shifts this week, but we will find time, even if it’s 1am, to sit on the couch together. We’ll talk about our days and make up silly things to say or watch TV when the other stuff gets boring. I’ll probably fall asleep with his hand on my arm and a cat draped across my hip. Relaxing with the keeper of my heart forms a bubble of security and contentment around us, whether we live in a New York City Penthouse or the jungles of Ethiopia. This song makes me smile and wish he’d hurry up and get home.

Learning: When we’re concentrating on something new or developing a skill, our spirits float up to the sunlight, and instead of feeling awash in our circumstances, we feel powerful. It’s healthy—learning keeps our faces bright and lubricates our brain circuitry. It’s easy, too, thanks to the internet. For example, if you’ve ever thought Photoshop was too expensive or too difficult to learn, Adobe Creative Cloud now offers a monthly subscription to Photoshop and Lightroom, complete with a plethora of video tutorials and helpful forums. You don’t have to spend all your Christmas cash buying a program you don’t understand. Just click here to catch their monthly plan and get everything you need. NOPE, I’m not making a commission here. I just got it myself and I’m diggin’ it. If techie isn’t your style, learn to play guitar or bass here. Here’s an AWESOME thanks jam to motivate you. Keeping your gears rolling can be as simple as memorizing a Bible verse each month. The verses I’ve memorized have really helped me. Start now–today’s verse is a good one.


3 thoughts on “Bubbles to be Thankful For

  1. I’ll listen to the songs you embedded on way To school 🙂 Nice post 🙂 Awesome about you and R making time together. Is that Jen in photo? If so (and if not to lol) ..beautiful!!

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