On a Roll, Off the Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster - Michelle grd
Virtual Rollercoasters can be scary, but not when the Big Guy’s got your hand


One of the cool things about having a blog is that I don’t have to write every post 🙂 This post was written by my aunt, an amazing flautist and spectacular woman and friend. Check out her Fantabulous Music Practice series and find the energy and focus  your practice room has never seen!

On a roll, off the roller coaster…

I awoke up this morning barely before my alarm clock. As my thoughts rose to the conscious level, I realized that they were circling in a slow spin around yet unanswered questions, unsolved problems, and unraveled confusion in an accelerating ramp up for another run on the un-amusing roller coaster of emotion.

I hate sin.
My own. And that of others.
It is so destructive, so painful, and so unnecessary.

My thoughts turn to Adam and Eve in the garden.
What horror must have unfolded as they felt sin’s first pangs in the unexpected dread of God’s pending approach and the frantic search for solutions among fruitless fig leaves where figs were none.

What despair must have gripped their hearts as they twisted with the confusing unraveling of their once perfect world, hopelessness spiraling as death stared them face to face in the gruesome expression on life-limp Able and the hard evil snarl on murderous Cain.

But God…
But God spoke up.
But God stepped in.
But God provided redemption—
redemption that not only rectified the situation,
but brought about a greater and better revelation of his greatness, his compassion, his true character in facets multiplied above and beyond what they had experienced.
That is God, OUR God!

I stopped the roller coaster before it left the feeble little train station.
Focus. I must turn my eyes to a different focus.

I learned in Freedom Training that…
Problems all exist here on earth.
Solutions exist in heaven.
If we want to find solutions to problems, we can’t focus here on earth,
We have to look to heaven, where the solutions reside.

Jesus said that those who are forgiven much love much.
Our capacity to love God is directly proportional, not to the number of our sins, but to our ability to recognize the pervasiveness and weight of our sin.
Although God can teach us his love by any path he chooses, he will teach it by the paths that we choose, or that others force upon us.

So I am going to lift my sights to God’s solutions and view my life from this heavenly vantage point:
When I am rejected, I will have greater capacity to understand and rejoice in God’s mercy and Jesus’ sacrifice toward those who have rejected him.
And when I reject God by sinning, my repentance will provide another opportunity to experience a greater realization of God’s love apart from performance.

Why did God allow sin to invade Eden?
Theologians can discuss the myriad theoretical reasons.
But love and acceptance apart from personal performance certainly should be foremost on the list.
And the bonus of our redemption-boosted capacity to love God  in return should certainly post script the matter with unbelievable joy!

by Debra Youngblood

© 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Rita Springer does a beautiful rendition of “Holy, You Are Still Holy

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