So … What Makes YOU Happy?

My buddy and self-care inspiration, JennRene Owens

Pursuing Me: Seeking The Blessedness in Being...

So .. What Makes YOU Happy?


What makes you happy?

Do you know? Do you take time to  figure out just what that may be?

Well.. to be honest until  was able to go to South Africa for a few weeks and  consider that, and  I really didn’t know, either.

Now this  question may take some self-exploration.

 You know how I found out how to be happy?

1.Choose not to walk in happiness and  discontent.

I began to walk  past my guilt and do the things that I told myself I didn’t deserve over, and over and over again.  I had to turn away negative thoughts with great abandonment.  Understanding that taking responsibility for my own happiness  really cured my loneliness and my self-hatred, made me realize that  I had the capacity to welcome happiness into my life, and I didn’t have to wait on anyone else to do…

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