Valentine Gift for Writers – It’s About Time!

Ha! Roots tangled across the path, directly between the rocks she was avoiding, but she judged her step perfectly and used the highest one to tap her left foot and launch over the rock and onto firm ground. Her right foot slid just a tiny bit into the muck as she landed, but she ran on without hesitation, grinning in the confidence and freedom of the Sunday morning trail run.. The fresh air felt like Hawaii, despite the 37 degree temperature which seared her nose and throat. Summer Diane was taking a break this morning. She could sit no longer in the ergonomic chairs of the stuffy library. The glassed-off outdoors had stolen her gaze from the computer. History and English Lit would have to wait while she studied geography face to face.

That’s the opening paragraph from my novel Summer in Winter. How would you start a novel?

You’d start with the It’s About Time At-Home Writing Retreat, of course! I know, I know, a different writing course or conference pops up in your feed every week. What makes It’s About Time different?

At standard writing conferences, you pay hundreds for airfare and hotel. You spend the weekend listening to speakers and getting inspired, but you never get the chance to write. Monday morning, you’re back to your busy life, wishing you could run away and work on your novel.

Standard online courses give you a bunch of instruction but you get no feedback. Writing is an art, not a science. You need personal guidance to craft a story which will have fans waiting impatiently for your next masterpiece.

It’s about time that changed! The creators of It’s About Time want to make THIS YEAR the year you write your novel. Authors Sarah Soon and Kristi Bridges have planned a series of free Facebook trainings and affordable weekend retreats, so you can enjoy writing and get the feedback you need.

If you haven’t seen our 30 and 90-minute seminars on idea-grabbing, character and setting, check them out and grab the free book planner. During the At-Home Writing Retreat, we’ll dig deeper, with multiple short sessions, lots of terrific tools and time to write!

It’s About Time At-Home Writing Retreat

Friday, February 22, 2019 at 7pm Central

  • Captivate and connect your readers with a great plot.

Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 10am Central

  • Tell your inner critic, “I’m the boss!”
  • Use your setting to help drive the plot and keep readers coming back.
  • Develop characters your readers talk to, yell at, cry for and cheer on. (Grammar comes later 😉).
  • Share what you’ve done at the open mic.

Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 2pm Central

  • Craft scenes which keep the reader hooked.
  • End with a scene that makes them want your next book.

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!

Tickets: Click here for a ticket to this private, progress-making event, which will be held on Facebook 2/22-2/24. Paid participants will have access to all sessions until 3/1/2019.

Watch The Gift of Christmas idea-grabbing session here and get the FREE book planner (a $30 value!)

Watch Book Basics here.

Your story matters!

Your time belongs to YOU!

Give yourself a weekend to remember that YOU ARE A WRITER! It’s About Time!

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