About me: What’s a Ball of Light?

My favorite place is outdoors. Give me a camera or a mic and I'm in heaven!
My favorite place is outdoors. Give me a camera or a mic and I’m in heaven!

I am a bouncy blend of family history, this moment right here, and dreams for the future. I’ve been through childhood trauma, divorce and too many funerals, but I’ve seen God take every awful thing the devil does and turn it into fuel for this ball of light He made, so I work to add clarity, warmth and an occasional tushy-fire to your life. I’m a little bit wonky—I hibernate sometimes and take too much abuse from the critic in my head. I’m enjoying the process of getting older, releasing myself from the insecurities of younger, prettier years. Age carries skill and grace, as experience writes its resume on the face.

I’m constantly digging into human nature, examining our drives and responses and looking to the Master Mechanic for help. You’ll see that all over this blog, in the Listen section and especially in the section on Proverbs, which I plan to expand into a study set for all ages.

I love music, and I’ve been blessed to write and sing with several amazing Tulsa musicians—my favorite project was Goliath Down. My heart requires a balance between saying and doing though—it won’t rest unless I carry the spiritual into the mundane. With that in mind, I also work as a corporate trainer, providing people with skills on which they can build a solid career. I sponsor children through Compassion International, so that they also can acquire life-sustaining skills, and I let God show me ways to help those directly in front of me. In the Mission of the Month section, you’ll learn about other people who bring hope and change the lives around them.

Is this blog about me? Not really, but my own stories are the ones I know so I use them. I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you’ll follow this page, and in the process learn more about yourself, the Creator who loves you tremendous much, and ways God wants change the world through you.

Introduce yourself and let me know how I can pray with you by leaving a comment below. There are several really neat bloggers who follow this page, and I enjoy reading their stories, so click the Follow button and then share my page with your friends. God bless you!

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