Today Only: Win a Copy of Wisdom — Better than Wishing

Do you experience frequent burning in your ears? That’s because I talk to God about you every day. I ask Him to touch those who read my book and blog, and those who watch my daily 1 Minute Wiser videos. I pray:

May they truly see You as You open Your heart through Proverbs and through the life and words of Jesus. May they step past any doubts and trust in the sacrifice Jesus made, inviting the Holy Spirit to sit at the wheel of their lives. May they obey Your leading, study Your commands and reject all that would hold them back–going where You guide, doing what You instruct, and enjoying Your presence every day.

In this way, they will feel




May they grow ever more aware of their Eternal Selves, ever closer to You, their Loving Creator.

May their relationships be healed, reconciled, improved and nurtured.

May they live so that others may know who You really are, just by watching Your amazing work revealed in them.

May they find






as they spend daily time with You.

God said, “I CAN DO THAT.”

Our Creator is so good. I love the way He connects us and works through our prayers for one another.

I bet there’s someone in your life who needs this connection, too. I’d like to offer you the chance to win a free copy of Wisdom – Better than Wishing for yourself or someone special.

Here’s how you could win:

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to residents of the US aged 18 and over.

By Monday, July 3 at midnight CST, Submit a book review on Amazon by clicking this link. On the Amazon page, click Customer Reviews and then Submit a Review. You don’t have to order a copy to review the book. Be honest–I’m not trying to buy your flattery. Everyone who has submitted a review by that time will be entered for the Independence Day drawing.

Haven’t read the book yet? No worries! Click this link to receive the first three chapters in a PDF. Even if you don’t win, don’t miss out on this mind-altering book. In 31 days, your life can be defined by Peace, Wisdom and Energy. Order the journal to get an experience you’ll talk about for years!

God bless you! I look forward to your feedback!









Nominate a Hospice Worker!

Redefined but Never Replaced ©2016 Kristi Bridges

Wisdom – Better than Wishing is nearly done at the publisher. While we wait, I’ve begun planning the second book in the 1 Month Wiser devotional series. You can help. Nominate a hospice worker who inspires you, and who might participate in an interview. I would like to discuss what inspired them to work in hospice, how those first days felt and what keeps them going.  I’d also like to hear about their most difficult case and the client or family they felt closest to. Names may be changed before publishing in order to preserve confidentiality.

The hospice worker who is chosen for the book will receive his or her choice of a digital or paperback copy of the book which contains the interview.  The interview may also be published as a series in my blog, and the hospice for which he or she works will be advertised in my blog for one month.

Please email your favorite hospice worker’s contact information to

God bless you!

Win a Proverbs Print

Artwork copyrighted by Joy Books,
Artwork copyrighted by Joy Books,

March is over, but I encourage you to keep working on incorporating wisdom into your life until Godly thinking and behavior is your very nature. Just because you’ve read Proverbs once doesn’t mean you’re done. Pick it up again and again. Meanwhile, if you liked any of the artwork I posted by my mom Joy Books, here’s your chance to win a free print. Click on the title of your favorite blog from the month of Proverbs and do two things when it opens:

1. Comment with the date or description of the Joy Books Proverbs print you’d like to win, and

2. Share the blog link with your friends.

We’ll give away a print to each of the first 10 people.

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I’m going to slow down a bit as I prepare for a class I’m going to teach, but I’ll be around. See you soon!