Hope to Hope

“You don’t have to do that any more.” The officer gave her hope. She invested that Hope into a plan. Click here to learn how we’re bringing hope to you this week.


Book to Business Live 9/23/2017 10:00am CST

My first book signing last year!

What does it take to get your passion onto the page? What should you know about publishing? How much should you do by yourself? What does a professional author NEVER do alone?

Join Kristi Bridges and Kim White for a must-watch session that will help you become a published, polished, professional (and well-paid) author!

Click to watch this special Book to Business live video.

Saturday, 9/23/2017 at 10:00 am Central Standard Time.

Treat You Right

Some things are worth keeping nice

Sunday night 6/19/2016 (that’s tomorrow) at 8pm CST until approximately 8:15

Author Jennifer Owens and I will be sharing an Aha! Moment on Facebook Live.

Good things stay nice with a little care and protection. You are a one-issue model, so it’s perfectly acceptable and even recommended that you take care of YOU. We’ll be talking about happiness and responding to pressure. Join us!

Click here to watch. If you miss us, the video will be posted for replay on Facebook and on my YouTube channel here.


A Rose in Bloom

Invitation 2

For years, I devoted my energy to writing songs. I love music and hope to never stop, but I wanted more. I wanted to speak as well as sing, and two years ago I introduced myself to a woman who had spoken at a conference and said, “I’d like to be where you are in a couple of years.” God knows what He’s saying. The words I spoke as a wish turned out to be God speaking my future. I had no idea how I would ever do a conference, and I honestly didn’t do anything about it. That fall, I went to a writer’s conference and met my wonderful friend, author of Red Sea Situations and the self-care course The Rhythm-Conscious Life, counselor Jennifer Owens. She and I began our podcast, “The AHA Moment” on Soundcloud. The first couple of posts were slow to start, but it has become terrific fun, and I look forward to every session. Jennifer decided to join Toastmasters, so I went with her and met the biggest bunch of go-getters I’ve ever known. Then God gave me a position as a corporate trainer, where for 8 hours a day, I get to work out any kinks in my presentation skills. I love the way God works steadily to fulfil His purposes in us.


I think the devil saw it coming, because I was on the verge of signing over all my free time to go to school. School is great, but I cried the night I completed the college application. I knew something was going on, but I didn’t know what and I thought it was just me.

Two weeks before school was to start, God showed His hand.

I was invited to not only speak, but to collaborate on building the conference Jennifer and I had dreamed of. God is amazing.

In two months, on April 1 and 2, Jennifer, myself, and our amazing mentor and businesswoman extraordinaire Kim White will be hosting A Rose in Bloom at the Hyatt Place in Tulsa, OK. My friend Justin from Goliath Down will be performing with me on Friday night, and Jennifer, Kim and I will be speaking on Saturday. Although I fully intend to do conferences for both men and women in the future, the April conference is open to the ladies. We’ll focus on helping women connect with God and with themselves on a deeper level. God makes us wild and beautiful, but with a little cultivation and nurturing, we can reach our fullest bloom.

Tickets ~ $97 (is it worth it? oh yeeeeeeah, girlie!)


  • Friday night 7:30-9pm We’ll have music and hang-out time
  • Saturday 8:30-5ish Speakers Kristi Bridges, Jennifer Owens and Kim White
  • Saturday lunch is included (we might even have a special musical guest :))

Location ~ Hyatt Place, 7037 S Zurich Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136

  • The Hyatt is offering rooms for attendees for $95 per night. The rooms can fit up to 5 people, so bring buddies and make it a slumber party!
  • If you stay at the Hyatt, they have a terrific breakfast bar, and it’s complimentary. Join us for breakfast at 8.


Seating is limited, so think about who you want to bring, and let me know how many tickets I can send you.

GOD IS AMAZING!!!!! (I’m so excited!!)