Empower Hour Replay: Jaresha Moore Interviews Guest Kristi Bridges


How did sidewalk chalk change my future?


What piece of advice saved my marriage?


What’s the most important lesson I’ve learned? (I’m still learning)


How can you end every day with a smile?


Why does the world need YOUR story?


Do you have a morning or afternoon drive? Do you take evening walks? Do you cook dinner? Click to hear the episode of Empower Hour in which Jaresha Moore asks me these questions and others.

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The Word

The Word
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Recharge daily to build resilience.

Those who spend time in the Bible every day have a resilience which baffles others.
Self-care experts recognize that spiritual health supports both our emotional and physical wellbeing, but is daily Bible reading the best way to connect with God?

This month’s edition of Faith Filled Family Magazine is dedicated to the practices which keep us spiritually healthy, and they’ve published two of my articles! I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Page 19: When I began writing “Wake Up Your Bible Study!” I called my grandpa, Burl Bagwell. A Bible teacher and lifelong reader, he’s inspired me and he’ll inspire you.

Page 79: Those of you who’ve read Wisdom – Better than Wishing have read the mattress story. In “Hear God…(No Mattress Required!)” I share that story and more, demonstrating how we can tune our spirits to hear God, and what to do when He seems silent.

Click here to read these articles and more.

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