Regret-Free Living Part 2 – Option Overload

If choosing is power, why are we paralyzed by options? Read Kristi’s latest blog at


Protect Your Heart.❤

Pursuing Me: Seeking The Blessedness in Being...

Protect Your Mind . The place where you Dream, your Visions are launched, you Produce and take flight, you find your wings your Vision expands.

ProtectYourHeart. The place where your Intuition is affirmed, your Imaginations lift and encourage, your Soul flourishes, your Creativity blooms.

Our Kids:Dosha, DeMarcus & Darius when they were babes…

Protect Your Womb
. The place where you give birth. Where your Destiny soars and your Purpose is elevated and extends to others, where your Character is defined and determined.

Mentor💜 My Sisters.

JennRene Owens.💜

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Come With Me!

Thank you! Not just because it’s Thank a Turkey week.

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Nearly two years ago, I began blogging. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it, but I love it! You make it fun. You make it so much fun that I have my own website now. This year, I launched a business:


I published Wisdom – Better than Wishing and began research for the next book in the series of monthly devotionals. I’m going to continue blogging, with the same focus on helping you communicate skillfully, relish your relationships, understand yourself and connect with your Maker. I’ll keep sharing ministries that do a great job elevating people from poverty and pursuing justice for those with no voice.

I bet I’ll still make you laugh once in awhile. Or snicker. Hide it behind your phone; I won’t tell.

So join me! Click here to visit Get a free downloadable 2017 calendar, preview the book or take a Spirit Break. Sign up for the email list. Don’t worry—I don’t have time to bombard you with junk mail. Be sure to order your copy of Wisdom – Better than Wishing. There’s a special price if you preorder the book and journal together.

Come on in! The heat’s getting out!


Four Ways To Ruin Your Life

Rethink Community

My name is John White, and I had the honor to serve four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives. During my service, my focus was to encourage Ohio’s faith communities to partner with state and local governments to help solve the most difficult social problems facing our state. The following experience gave me a fresh clarity on the opportunity we have to engage those communities that are ready to tackle the issues surrounding returning citizens.

I had my reservations about traveling two and a half hours to Marion Correctional Institute in central Ohio. I had plenty of reasons not to go. It was icy — in fact, black ice lay on the road that morning, and it was cold. I was just going as a favor to the warden who I admired and heard much about. However, I, already disdainful about the inconvenience, turned around after slipping a little…

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